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Tuesday 19 July 2016

Montrose Campaign - week 10

Banffshire April 1645 - Montrose Wins

Jezzer lookalike visits the club
This week we were joined by another guest who is usually only able to play during our weekend games. As a stunt double for Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, this is an especially busy time, so we're grateful he was able to attend. As a special treat be brought along some of his recent painting including some Thirty Years War Cuirassiers.  


In this scenario both sides infantry met whilst their Horse was our scouting for the enemy. Both sides Horse then rushed back to the battlefield arriving on opposite sides of the table. So essentially both sides have a flank attack against the other. The winner is the first to rout 50% of the enemy.

Covenanter Forces
On table
6* Foot (1 * Vets)
2 * Field artillery
Flank march
6 * Horse (2.5 regts)
2 * Foot

Montrose Forces
On table
3 * Vet Foot (Irish)
3 * Gordon Foot
3 * Highlanders
1 * Field artillery
Flank march
4 * Horse (2 regts)
1 * Light gun
2 * Foot 

The Battle

Both sides adopted a fairly similar deployment as they deployed with infantry holding the available high ground with guns in support. Montrose those extended his line so that his Highlanders slightly outflanked the Covenanters line.

Covenanter defensive line

Montrose deployment - Highlanders on the right
The two sides adopted different approaches to their flank attacks though. The Covenanters led with their Horse, seeking to crush the flank held by the Irish Brigade.

Covenanter Horse attack

Close-up of Nigel's lobsters 
Montrose led with his infantry, seeking to pin the Covenanters whilst the Horse and Highlanders attacked the dog-leg in the line.  

Montrose flank attack 
The game opened with the Covenanters Horse launching an all-out assault on the Irish Brigade holding the flank of Montrose line. The Veteran Irish were able to blunt the initial attack and then blazed-away at the Covenanter Horse. Some strong shooting, combined with poor morale from the Covenanters, led to the attack bogging-down causing only limited damage. 

Covenanter's attack
The attack stalls
Over on the other flank Montrose attack faired much better. A combined infantry and Horse attack was enough to pin the Covenanter Foot. This proved fatal as the Highlanders charged into the defenders flank and began to push them back

Highlanders attack the flanks
More centrally there was a rare event when Montrose Foot managed to comprehensively out-shoot the Covenanters leaving a gaping hole in the centre of their lines.
Gordon Foot closes in on the Covenanters

In Stuart's absence Richard takes-on the pointing duties
With their flank attack stalled and their centre in retreat it was clear that the Covenanters could not win the day. So they withdrew into the gathering April gloom.

Campaign Situation

Having achieved another victory Montrose now pulls into the lead controlling 8 territories to the Covenanters 5.

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