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Friday 25 March 2016

Bolt Action - our second game

German mortar
For our second game we increased the amount of cover and also added armoured vehicles on each side. In this game 3 * German sections supported by a STUG and a mortar defended a farm house. The Russian attackers had 6 * squads with an AT gun and a KV-1.


German infantry on the move
The Germans adopted a defensive position with a squad in the farm, one on the right in a hedge-line, and one in the centre with a STUG. An MG42 in the farm covered the road.
German right

German centre

German left
The Russians massed most of their troops on the German left and screen the farm with a single section supported by a maxim and the sniper team.

The main Russian attack

Long view
The Russians pressed forward using the KV-1 as cover and quickly got three squads mobilised against the German left. Fire from infantry and the KV-1 quickly weakened the German squads deployed on that flank. A well -time assault by the Russians free inexperienced squad wiped-out the Germans but at the cost of their own destruction.

KV-1 and SMQ squad advance 

Soviets press forward on the weakened Germans 

Things look bad for the surviving Germans
With the game won for the Russians we decided to have a quick tank-duel. The STUG had the superior gun, but the KV-1's heavy armour proved decisive as it polished-off the German assault gun in the second round of combat

The Russian monster zero's in 

As with our first game we found that the Russians greater number of activation dice was a big advantage, and more than compensated for the superior German morale or defensive position.
The lack of hidden deployment for defenders really made life tough for the Germans. We noticed near the end the option to be "concealed" but this still involves deploying the figures, but with a reduced chance to be hit.    

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