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Sunday 1 September 2019

Cotswold Wargames Day 2019

This weekend I popped along to the second Cotswold  Wargaming Day hosted by Keith Flint in Northleach.  CWD-19, as its now known, featured 8 games in a variety of scales with prizes once again awarded by Stuart the Elder.

There were a couple of 28/30mm 18th Century games, which are always eye-catching. A historical encounter using 30mm Smiths plastics that are almost as old as me and an imaginations battle with a splendid castle as a backdrop.

There was also a wild-west shootout that won best terrain. Can you spot the iron-age pigs drafted into China Town?

A game of Black Powder set in the Caribbean won best game.

I also managed to get a shot of a Spanish-Mexican clash in 20mm and some 10mm Napoleonic's with old school terrain. I failed to get decent shots of a WWII battle and some WWII aircraft in 1/300th.


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  1. Some nice photos there Stuart. It was good to see you briefly on the day, but a shame I didn't get the chance to chat.

    BTW, the Haitian game was using Sharpe Practice rather than Blackpowder. Both good sets of rules!