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Sunday 30 December 2018

Vanguard - Capture the Giant

This battle again featured Basileans vs Nightstalkers but in an unusual scenario. Both sides sought to weaken and then capture a rampaging giant, whilst avoiding being trampled. Points are awarded for wounding the giant and killing the enemy. He moves randomly and hits like a truck if he moves through your models.

Giant minotaur - the main objective

Seeing the need for rapidly attacking the giant I tried a harder-hitting warband with 1* Vet Sarg, 1*Sarg, 2*Sisterhood, 2*Paladins, 1*Ogre, and 2*Panthers plus a Grunt to round-out the points. This meant dropping the Battle Wizard and with it the healing spells.  

The Basileans got stuck-in, scoring the first hits on the giant and ploughing into the enemy to try and wipe-them out. The Ogre made mince-eat of the Nightstalkers costly Mindscreech, killing him outright in a furious assault. He was quickly mobbed and killed himself, but it seemed a good trade to remove such a powerful creature.


The Basileans then split their forces with the Vet Sarg, Sisterhood and Paladins attacking the Nightstalkers main force while the Panthers nipped at the giants heels

Take that big brain

Literally nipping at his heals

I had great success against the Nightstalkers, steadily reducing the warband and eventually pushing it past its breakpoint for very little losses. The Panthers fared less well though as they chased the giant around the board doing no meaningful damage.

The Nightstalkers Shade managed to accumulate a couple of turns where they outscored the Basileans against the giant and so built-up a small lead in Victory Points. Despite all-but annihilating the Nightstalkers I still lost by 4 points.

End game

The flaw in my cunning plan was that I lacked Crushing Strength against the giant and so was unable to penetrate its armour often enough to build-up the required VPs to win. In hindsight perhaps the Paladins or the Ogre should have attacked the giant?  

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