Tally Ho!

Tuesday 18 September 2018

Crete 1941 - the warm-up game

As a curtain-raiser for our Crete 1941 campaign this weeks game was a short refresher on the rules with a few sections a side. We'll be using our own Fireteam available here for the campaign

The set-up was a simple one - both sides were patrolling into no-mans-land and looking to push the enemy from the table.

View from the British left

View from the British right

The decisive action occurred fairly early as both sides sought to control the farm complex on the west side of the table. A swift assault by the Veteran German paras push the British back. The paras then proved very tough to harm in the hard cover.

Germans capture the farm early

British cover the farm

Farm firmly in German hands

More centrally British also came under accurate and sustained mortar fire, destroying one platoon and weakening a second as they were outflanked by German mountain troops.

British under mortar fire

At the end-point of the game the Germans had a clear advantage over the luckless British.

Mountain troops flank the british

So we're all set for Crete 1941 as we've blown the cob-webs away. In my next post I'll publish the campaign rules themselves.