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Saturday 22 September 2018

Crete 1941 - Campaign Rules

Operation Merkur – the invasion of Crete

Fallschirmj√§gers exit a DFS 230 glider during training. This type of glider was used during the assault on Belgium’s Fortress Eben-Email and the invasion of Crete.
In May 1941 Germany launched its first (and last) major airborne operation of the war, aimed at capturing the strategically important island of Crete. This campaign focuses on the attack by Major Walter Koch’s 1st Btn Luftlande Sturmregiment against the town of Rethymnon, held by the 2/1st Australians under the command of Lt Colonel Campbell.

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Turn Sequence

The campaign area is composed of a series of linked zones, with attacks being launched from zone to zone as denoted. There are a limited number of heavy support units so these are only available as reinforcements if they are in that zone:

1.    Support unit moves (one hop per turn).

2.    Launch attacks – one each per turn.     

Hills A and B consist of 2 squares that must be captured, the first battle being an attack uphill and the second down hill. The airfield consists of hills guarding it and the runway itself.

Either side may secure a partial victory by claiming two of the enemy squares (Hills/runway count as 2) whilst contesting the others. Capturing 4 sqaures is a total victory  


Both sides receive core units (infantry platoons) and then reinforcements depending on the mission involved. Core units are always = 8 points. The reinforcements available depend on the reinforcement strength score of the zone you are attacking from (the black square on the map). The Allies are strong in the area of Hill B, whereas the Germans are strong in the area of Hill A.

Matilda II’s x 2 (max 1 per zone)
Bren Carriers x 2 (max 1 per zone)
Off table LG40 battery x 1
Marder II x 1


The attacker must win in order to capture or remain in the square, otherwise the assault has failed. Should neither side win an encounter game then the battle is drawn and both fail to capture the square.

Casualties are NOT carried forward from game to game - this is an important sector so the whole battalion is available to support you.

Fallschirmjager (Veterans)

HQ: (0 points)
·         CO (SMG), 2IC (SMG)

2 * Squad (2 points)
·         FT1: LMG + 2 crew, SMG
·         FT2: Rifle*7

The CO may act as an AOP on different radio net to the artillery
Commonwealth & Gebirgsjäger (Ave)

HQ:  (1 point)
  • CO (pistol), 2IC (SMG)
  • FT: AT rifle + 2 crew
  • FT: Lt mortar +2 crew

3 * Squads (1 point)
  • FT1: LMG+ 2 crew, SMG
  • FT2: Rifle * 7

The mortar is direct fire only
Fallschirmjager (Average)

1. Upgrade a support team to Vet (1 point)

2. Weapons section (1 point)
·         HMG + 4 crew
·         Panzerschreck
·         Light mortar + 2 crew

3. Support team #1 (1 points)
·         1* Sniper team
·         2 * Medics

4. Support team #2 (1 point)
·         Flamethrower team
·         1 * LG40 recoilless rifle + 3 crew

5. Mortar Section (4 points**)
·         AOP team
·         2 * Medium mortar + 3 crew

6. Artillery Battery (2 points**) (off table)
·         CO (SMG/pistol)
·         2 * LG40 recoilless rifle + 3 crew

7. Marder II (2 points)

** A single weapons team can be fielded at half the cost.
British and Commonwealth (Average)

1. Matilda II ( 2 points)*

2. Mk VI Lt Tank / Bren Carrier (1 point)

3. AT battery (2 points**)
·         CO (pistol)
·         2 * 2pdr + 4 crew

4. HMG team (1 point)
·         CO (pistol)
·         2 * HMG + 4 crew

5. Support team #1 (1 points)
·         1 * Sniper team
·         1 * Medics
·         1* Flame thrower
·         1 * extra AOP

6. Mortar Section (4 points**)
·         AOP team
·         2 * Medium mortar + 3 crew

*If a double 1 is rolled for move it breaks down and may not move again that game. If a single 1 is thrown it bogs down and does not move that turn.

** A single weapons team can be fielded at half the cost.

Matilda II
Light, coax MG

Mk VI light tank

Recoilless rifles

Medium gun

Bren Carrier
MG or AT rifle
Open topped

2 pdr

Light gun

Marder II
Medium gun
Open topped

Airborne assaults


·         Assign teams (weapons or half sections) to a wave (4 teams per drop)

·         Have 4 JOPs. Dice randomly to see where they land, 5,6 = go around again, so assigned to the next available wave.

·         Usual rules the move you land – no move or fire.


·         All begin on over watch.

·         Become active when

o   Fired on or attacked

o   Enemy spotted in the open

o   On a 6 (D6) +1 / turn.

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