Tally Ho!

Sunday 8 May 2016

Ancient Terrain - Greek / Punic Temple

As I gradually build-up my Punic Wars forces I'm keen to provide camps for the two sides. As well as being decorative it will add some additional objectives for use during the games.

The Roman's are easy as the marching camp is pretty well documented and its visually fairly appealing. For the Punic forces though the "realistic" option is probably gaggle of tents and rough lean-to's, which did nt seem very inspiring. So I turned my thoughts towards a temple as a more appealing item. Details are pretty sparse on Punic religions beyond the odd stele of Tanit, the Phoenician mother goddess and city deity of Carthage.

So I decided that a fairly generic Greek-style might be the best bet. The model is an open temple with alter and a few statues.

The basic constriction of the temple is my usual foam-core. For the pillars I've used 5 inch cake pillars. In this case Wilton Grecian pillars obtained from Amazon at £5 for 4 pillars.

The basic temple with cake-pillar columns

Some old figures destined to be statues

The tympanon being added with recesses to hold the roof

Gluing down the roof

The temple shell completed

For the roof I've used my normal method of gluing individual card tiles down. Its pretty time-consuming but gives a good texture when finished, so is worth the effort.

Adding the tiles one-by-one
Some decoration added to the tympanon

The completed temple was painted, washed, and then dry-brushed in a suitable sand-colour acrylic. The flagstone effect was achieved by carving-out the flagstones using a ballpoint pen and then washed with paint.

Completed temple from the front

Better view of the decoration

Side view
The alter and statues were done in a grey colour so they would stand-out from the temple itself. The figures are Citadel figures from the late 1970's used for Chaosium's RuneQuest RPG. They are mythical Greek looking at as true 25mm's not really suitable for the battle-line anymore.

The alter and statues 

The whole thing completed


  1. Fantastic - somewhere to keep the cake next time Roy brings one over! Impressive work...

  2. Now I need some form of trifle-stand incase another of those appears