Tally Ho!

Saturday 14 January 2023

Stones River - part 2


Last week we left the game with both sides attacking on their left flanks. The Union attack was going well with most units undamaged but the Confederate position was somewhat stalled.   

In the east the Confederate forces massed in the woods for a big push against the defenders, with one unit pushed wider to flank the position. As they emerged from the edge of the woods they met a wall of lead and shot, with Union troops from the centre also supporting the defenders.  
Sniper delays the Rebs attack

The results were devastating on the Rebs and they were sent reeling back into the woods. With casualties heavy the attack was effectively over and the eastern objectives secure for the Union. 

In the centre the Union troops pressed forward in support of the flank attack in the west. The aim was to apply some pressure on the Confederate defenders and keep them pinned in the middle to the field. The Rebs did dally briefly with launching a counter-attack but in the end they stayed put in their trenches. 

The big action was in the west where the Union assaulted the hill that was the anchor of the Confederate lines. The Rebs tried a cunning move of falling back from the defences so they could not be shot and hoped to then charge the Union as they hit the trenches.   

This was somewhat successful in delaying the Federal troops but their big numerical advantage meant they were able to grind-down the defenders and take the hill.    

So the final result was a win for the Union forces.