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Saturday 28 January 2023

Gettysburg - Day 1

On Day 1 Confederate forces under Gen Heth attacked towards Gettysburg where they encountered Buford's cavalry blocking the road and further Union units moving up from the town. The aim of the scenario is for the Rebs to capture both ridges and push the Union back into the town.

The Union begins with Buford's cavalry (mounted skirmishers) on McPherson's Ridge and half of Reynolds troops on Seminary Ridge while the rest move up the road. 

The Rebs have Davis and Archer heading up the road with Pettigrew entering on the east side looking to flank around Archer. Some lively fire from the Confederate artillery pushed Buford's gun off the hill and began to weaken his mounted.

After about 4 turns Buford had lost half his troops and so pulled the rest back to Seminary Ridge with the Rebs in hot pursuit. 

View from the Seminary

The Confederates moved up to capture McPherson's Ridge, but some bad command dice slowed them down and meant the advance towards Seminary Ridge was more piecemeal than they would have liked. 

McPherson's Ridge falls

After about 9 turns the Rebs were ready to attack with both Davis and Archer attacking the two ends of Seminary Ridge. Both attacks bounced off with poor morale rippling through the units. They paused to regather themselves and attacked again, with Pettigrew taking over from the spent Archer in the east. 

Again the attacks failed to dislodge Reynolds troops from the top of the ridge. The game was drawn after 13 moves with one Ridge occupied by each side. The ability of the Union to safely stand in close order because the Confederate guns were unable to target them proved crucial.


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