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Sunday 18 August 2019

Musket and Tomahawks

We took a quick break from Napoleonic's this week to try out the Muskets and Tomahawks rules. We wanted to understand them a little before committing to a campaign.

The rules are card driven with all units of a type on a side (Regular, Irregular, Indian Provincial, and Militia) activating at once. Activation is usually move, shoot, reload, or charge/fight.  The twist number of activations and activations per card varies by type. For example Regulars have 2 cards each with 2 activations where as Irregulars have 4 cards each with one. Militia I think had a single card with 2 activations. So flexibility / capability are built in by the cards.

Melee and  shooting are pretty deadly with a high change of dying if you are hit. Its semi skirmish with units of 4 - 8 figures and officers moving individually.

British lines 

For this game we pitted French vs British fighting over a farm. The French regulars surged forward to take the farm but moving early on both their cards became pinned down in the first tuern and never really recovered.    

French lines

The supporting Compagnie de Marines routed the British lights and also shot-up some militia pretty badly. They second company than captured the barn and traded fire with the Provincials.

The final action was a charge by the French Indian allies which routed Roger's Rangers and then sent them crashing into the Provincials. This later action was one of mutual annihilation leaving the French in charge of the farm.  

Indians vs Rangers

The game was certainly fast and furious. Every one moves every turn  but the semi-random order means care must be taken not to get isolated and be at the enemies mercy. I can see keeping track of the being a useful skill

Image result for card counting


  1. Interesting to see you play these rules, I'd been thinking about getting them when my head was turned by Blood & Plunder instead.

  2. I'm sure a Caribbean pirates version is doable, if indeed not already done, but it lacks boats