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Sunday 5 June 2016

Punic Libyan Javelinmen (28mm Victrix) & Punic Elephants

After about 6 weeks painting I've now completed my first box of Victrix 28mm plastic Carthaginian infantry. The final unit is some Libyan javelin-armed skirmishers. The box contains enough to complete 14 of them. There are two different bodies and a good variety of wild hair-styles to chose from.  With the choice of arms you can produce a reasonably varied unit, unfortunately I fear that they are nt great under most rule systems though!
The completed Libyan Javelinmen

Too mean to buy transfers, so hand-painted shields

Close-up of the hair-styles

You can nt  have a Punic army without elephants so I thought it was time to feature them. I've got a total of five - three are Punic crewed and two are Numidian crewed.

28mm elephants are not cheap, usually between £15-20 depending on the number of resin parts used. So I decided I could probably produce something much cheaper myself. I was able to source five white-metal elephants in 25mm scale from ebay for about £20. The howdah's are painted card with the blankets and ropes made from miliput. The crews are from the now defunct Wargames Factory ranges, which have the great advantage of supplying lots of arms so you can easily find suitable posses. Not bad for a little over £5 each. 

Punic elephants with Libyan skirmish screen

Numidian elephants 

Close-up of the Numidian elephant

Close-up of the Punic elephant, which could also pass for Successor  

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  1. Well, I did ask for Elephants didn't I - very smart!