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Wednesday 15 June 2016

Montrose Campaign - week 6

Angus September 1644 - Montrose win


This weeks battle  required a little more movement than some and is inspired by Grants reinforcements off-table scenario. For this battle the Covenanters started with 25% of their troops garrisoning a fortified church complex and 50% of their forces trying to breakthrough. Montrose was free to split his troops between assaulting the defences and holding off the relief force as he saw fit. The winner was the one holding the church at the end.

Covenanter Forces - garrison
3 * Foot regiments
1 * Field gun

Covenanter Forces - relief column
4 * Horse (2 regts)
3* Foot regts

Montrose Forces
3 * Veteran Foot (Irish)
3 * Gordon Foot
2 * Highlanders
4 * Horse (2 regts)
2 * Field gun
1 * Light gun
1 * Forlorn Hope

The Battle

Montrose deployed with his best assault troops facing the church supported by the Field guns. The Highlanders deployed opposite the side of the church with the Irish Brigade facing the more challenging front. On the other side the Forlorn Hope was poised to attack. This week Montrose decided to play The Brewery territory card - this gives a unit  +1 in combat and morale, but you must advance at and attack the enemy along with the accompanying beer wagon.

Facing the relief column was the Horse and the weaker Gordon's Foot with the support of a Light gun.  

The Irish Brigade ready to attack, Highlanders in the distance

The blocking force waits the relief column 

Close-up of the Highlanders, complete with beer wagon

The Covenanter garrison

On Montrose left the Covenanter relief column arrived and pressed forward with the Horse in the lead. In a reversal of recent battles it was Montrose Horse that had the upper hand, destroying the leading Covenanter squadron and pushing back the remaining Horse. Combining well with the Gordon Foot they were able to pin the relief force back, who were hampered by the fields on their flanks.

Covenanter relief column advances 

Battle is joined - Montrose Horse doing well for a change 
Over at the church Montrose began the battle with an ineffective bombardment against the defences before beginning his advance against the garrison. On the right side of the church the somewhat intoxicated Highlanders advanced quickly and with a 2-1 advantage were able to force their way across the defences. On the left side of the church the Irish Brigade advanced and commenced a fire-fight against the defenders. Despite the cover the garrison lost a regiment of Foot fairly quickly as 3 of Montrose foot focused their fire. After a brief struggle the garrison was routed and the church complex captured for Montrose. 

Stuart the Elder demonstrates a rare left-handed Wargames point

The Highlanders breach the walls

Relief force bottled-up

The church just before it falls

The relief force struggles

 Campaign Situation

This was a forth win for Montrose putting him 6-4 ahead on territories controlled.

We agreed that we would make a few tweaks if this scenario is played again:
1. We would allow shuffles sideways inside the defences
2. We would allow the whole of the defenders forces to fight (75% vs 50% in the relief column
3. We would start with the relief column a bit closer

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