Tally Ho!

Wednesday 30 December 2020

Christmas Jim, but not as we know it

Usually Christmas is a time to get a few games played and have some festive nibbles. Sadly this year anything in-person was impossible so we had to switch to online.

Firstly we did some Star Saga remotely - its a classic scifi dungeon crawler game with 2 players vs the umpire. In this scenario we infiltrated a secret lab and uncovered experiments that created psychotic super soldiers.

The second was an online replacement for the usual all-day game we'd fight over the holidays. For this one we went to the Sudan and used a DBA variant called Hordes of the Dervishes. We fought on a double-sized table so had to use two cameras to capture the action. 


Players eye view

We fought through four real battles from the Mahdist wars - Shaykan, Tami, El Teb, and Omdurman. It was 2 games a side and the Mahdists reversed history by winning Omdurman.

Shaykan - Hick's is surrounded

Mahdists entrenched at El Teb

Tami from above

For those who may wish to refight them, here are the scenarios we used. 


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