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Sunday 22 October 2017

Kings of War campaign - game 2

Over the weekend I played the second game of my infrequent Kings of War fantasy campaign that pits my fantasy Persians against the Kin (Dark Elves). The second game was a capture the flag (hill in this case) game. Bot sides start in possession of a hill and there are two neutral hills roughly on the half way line. You gain 2 victory points for a hill in the enemies half and 1 point for one in your own.

We both deployed in a very similar pattern, guarding the hill we owned and making a strong attack on our left, over the hill on the half way line and towards the enemies hill.

Kin (Dark Elves) right flank which was refused

The Kin's attack on the left
My deployment had two features I hoped would enable me to secure a win. Firstly the Mamkil on the hill (Chariot Horde) has such a deep base its impossible for flying units to get behind it and snatch the hill. Secondly my own flying units, and the Mounted Scouts, were opposite the enemies hill so if this was not guarded I might be able to snipe it at the end of the game.

Persian left ready to attack 

Persians guarding the hill on the right

Flank guards on the Persian right
 Both sides advanced rapidly on their lefts securing the central hills and looking to push on into the enemies rear to grab the 2 point hills. To slow the Kin's advance I was forced to throw my flanking cavalry into the massed Dark Elves. They died inevitably but combined with the massed shooting from the Mamkil and Archers it was enough to delay the Elves attack for 5 moves.
Persian cavalry assault the hill
The Kin attack forms up
On the Persian left I came against strong resistance from a faster moving force, meaning I was forced to draw the enemies charge and hope to counter attack with the remaining troops.  I had loaded this side with my most resistant troops and so after a few swaps of units I had control of the vital hill and had cleared a number of the enemy away.

Persians attack towards the Kin's right 

Tough slogging but the Persians would emerge victorious 

Persians hill never seriously threatned
 As we entered the 6th and final move I unleashed my flying troops and scouts to secure the enemies hill and hopefully grab victory. Lacking time to attack my hill the Elves focused instead on regaining their own hill. Their mage supported by archers was able to rout the magic carpets but with my scouts contesting the hill it was a 2-1 victory to the Persians.

Persians snatch the hill

Contested hill securing victory
This was the first outing for my newly acquired Air Elemental. It performed reasonably well, kills two units of artillery and helping to rout a unit of spearmen. Its special ability to push-back enemy units is highly situational and not needed in this battle, but the flying is useful.

Air Elemental
Update: An account from the Kin's perspective is here http://fishpondswargames.blogspot.co.uk/2017/10/kow-campaign-battle-2-or-its-scenario.html 


  1. I think your magic carpets need more magic!

  2. They contested the objective quite nicely but are quite squishy - as you might expect for carpets I guess ;-)