Tally Ho!

Monday 28 March 2016

ECW Fortified Manor House

One of the possible scenarios for our forthcoming ECW campaign calls for a fortified manor house or perhaps a church that has been prepared for defensive duties.

With that in mind I've produced some walls and a Scottish-style stone tower to supplement the buildings I already have. I've used foam-core for both, with bricks inscribed using an old paintbrush and a biro. I'm fairly pleased with the results and it was nt too time consuming.

Next time I might try some brick-buildings - this chap here has done some amazing work and if I have the patience his brick technique looks amazing.

Making buildings from foamcore

A fortified manor

Close-up of the walls

King of the castle



  1. Very nice. Had a look at that link - what amazing stuff!

  2. For my next project I'm considering buying En Garde and building some Three Musketeers style buildings with interiors. Just need to find some decent figures for the game before I begin