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Saturday 12 December 2015

The Christmas game - Marston Moor

For this year's Christmas game we will be refighting one of the major battles of the English Civil War - Marston Moor. As well as being a large battle it also features a number of Scottish units so we can field the fruits of recent painting labours.

The scenario is shown below, with a fairly simple battlefield featuring a Parliamentary attack on a Royalist force mostly deployed behind a ditch.

We will be using the familiar Victory without Quarter rules but with a few small tweaks.    
  • As it is a multiplayer game we will speed things up by activating at Brigade / Regiment level rather than individual units.
  • Infantry brigades will be 3 strong and Cavalry regiments 2 strong.
  • The large hedge represents the ditch along the front of the Royalist lines. This provides no cover but may not be charged across my mounted troops. They must advance to contact or cross then charge next turn.
  • Cavalry winning a melee must test NOT to pursue of the table.  Gallopers need a 5,6 and Trotters a 3,4,5,6
  • Activation cards – 12 Royalist, 12 Parliment, 2*all guns, 1* time passes
The Army lists are also shown below

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