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Sunday 7 May 2023

Peace through force - the Enforcers

Over the last couple of months I've done some focused painting to field a force of Enforcers for Mantic'sFirefight Scifi game. Its a simplified scifi game looking at similar force sizes to GW's Warhammer 40K. I'll be playing some games vs my brother in Bristol, who plans to do some competitions later in the year. 

The Enforcers have a big of a zealots vibe to them being highly disciplined super-soldiers serving the main human faction in the game. The overall force is enough for a really big game or about two thirds of it can be used in a standard game. The Enforcers focus primarily on superior shooting and survivability through access to medical tech.  

The officers command the forces and provide unique benefits through Command Orders. Here we have a Captain, two Sergeants and the sneaky Pathfinder. Below is the Peacekeeper Captain who has a protective aura boosting others defence.  

Enforcer command

Peacekeeper Captain

The Peacekeepers themselves are the most heavily armoured of the infantry and are very tough to kill. 


Peacekeeper Defenders

Various Operative units provide the core of the army. Here we have the basic infantry and a unit of Engineers with drone guns. 

Enforcer Operatives

Enforcer Engineers

The Pathfinders provide lightly armed scouts and snipers.

Enforcer Pathfinders

The closequarters elements are provided by Defenders (shotguns & shields) or the Assault operatives. 

Enforcer Defenders

Assault Enforcer

The heavy support is provides by missile teams and the Striders who are mobile tanks with long range AT weapons. 

Enforcer heavy support team

Enforcer Strider

Finally the speed element comes from Jet bikes armed with a variety of weapons.  

Enforcer Jet Bikes


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