Tally Ho!

Saturday 20 May 2023

Leipzig, 17th October 1813 - Leipzig outskirts

The first of the three games for this campaign turn took place on the northern front with the French holding a line on the outskirts of town along a river bank. Sides were roughly equal but the French fields a couple of guards brigades on this occasion.

There are less pictures than normal as I was on the second table trying out some WWII aerial rules for a future game.

The French deployed over the river looking to attack the Coalition forces in a game where things were pretty even. The allies deployed left to right as Austrians, Prussians, Swedes and Russians.     

On this occasion the allies sat back the French attacked, which was a reversal of most previous battles. 

A more aggressive approach and some decent dice seemed to do the trick with the French winning their first battle of the campaign. 

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  1. A lot of good looking troops on the table - is the venue Chateau Boss?