Tally Ho!

Saturday 6 May 2023

Leipzig, 16th October 1813 - Gholis & Schonefeld part 2

We started part 2 with the Germans on the east flank of the Grand ArmeĆ© position under pressure and having lost a village for the Russians / Prussians. In the west there is a standoff with the Swedes not advancing against the Guards holding the second village. Centrally the  French have advanced a little to pressure the Austrians. 

In the east the Russians and Prussians pressed their advantage and quickly crossed the river before pushing the Germans back towards the centre.  

In the centre and west the French decide to launch a limited attack aimed at disrupting the Austrians and Prussians seeking to take the second village. This only had limited success and so they were forced to retire. 

Meanwhile the Russians began to arrive in the centre putting more pressure on the French. 

In the west the Swedes continued to face-off with neither side making much attempt to assault. Perhaps this was not needed though as Russians and Prussians rolled-up the French from the east.  

In the end a clear loss for the outnumbered French  and a bad day for the Germans who were totally destroyed. That concludes the first days battles with the Grand ArmeĆ© pressed back towards Leipzig on all three lines of attack.



  1. Where's Napoleon when you need him?

    1. His influence was felt with the French winning most of the initiative. Sadly not enough though to save the day

  2. Lovely idea and table and well executed …. Going back to part 1 now :-)