Tally Ho!

Wednesday 22 July 2020

Return to the fray


We're planning to restart with some socially distant gaming next week and preparations are in full swing. A couple of areas of attention to enable this to happen

The physical environment 

Keeping everyone 2 metre apart and limiting contact points are key, so we have planned:

  • Use of two tables, not the usual one, so there is plenty of space for people to sit apart.
  • Bring your own dice, tapes and play-sheets. I will have spares bagged-up 72 hours before the game just in  case.
  • Strictly no touching others models - well a chap should never fondle another chaps toy soldiers 
  • No refreshments
  • Careful game choice to limit the contact   

Russia Chemical Attacks Board Game Released: 'A Bridge of Friendship'

The Choice of game

Choosing the right game should really help to limit the contact, so we've gone for What A Tanker as:

  • There are few playing pieces - 1 or 2 tanks each only.
  • Angles, measuring. movement etc are not very critical. So it has none of the things that leads to gamers huddling over the models.
  • There is no need to touch the opponents models
  • Its IGO-UGO so people can naturally take turns and sit well back from the table
  • Its a simple game and everyone can have a dashboard & play-sheet with all they need on it  

Including everyone

We have a couple of people who can nt restart even with the proposed precautions as they are shielding. Joining by Zoom is an option for a chat but I'll also investigate a Zoom-based Kriegspiel game once I've got the socially distanced version up and running.

Forward March Studios 2mm: Hybrid Kriegspiel / Forward March ...

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