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Saturday 20 October 2018

Midweek WWII

This week I managed to sneak-in an addition game at Boss Towers, a quick WWII Flames of War set in Italy. I was the British on this occasion in a straightforward attack vs defence. 

I decided to play to play to the British strength, so covered one objective with 2 batteries of 25pdrs, 2 batteries of AT guns, and some infantry. The other objective was covered some infantry and a all my tanks (6 Sherman's) poised to counter attack.  
British gun line

The AT guns
The Germans split heir forces; Tigers + infantry in the centre, AT guns covering an objective on one flank and assault guns + infantry on the other.

Tigers ready to roll
Those who have played at Boss Towers will know there are always tasty snacks to hand, on this occasion a mixed savoury plater. 

The Germans pushed forward after an initial bombardment whilst I sat back relying on my fire power to blunt the attack. Post deployment it was clear that the German right was weakly defended opposite my Recce units. So I quickly changed plan and advanced them rapidly to contest the Objective there.  
German attack stalls

Bren carriers win the day
The result was a marginal win for the British as the Germans made no real headway with their own attack.

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