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Sunday 20 May 2018

First Crusade - Byzantine allies

After a short break to complete a Dark Ages Irish I've returned to completing my armies for the First Crusade. With all the Crusaders done its time for a few Byzantine allies.

First cab off the rank is a unit of the iconic heavy cavalry. All the figures are Gripping Beast with a LBMS flag rounding-off the unit.

A unit based for Armati or DBX

Close-up of the flag

The boss-man on a cataphract horse 


Shields also from LBMS
My plan is to add another unit of heavy cavalry, some spearmen, and a few archers to provide a decent allied force. Although intended for Armati I'll base so as to allow them to be reused for Saga.

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  1. If you have some spare archer arms you could use this kit for both spearmen and archers, seen it done by a chap playing SAGA -