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Saturday 24 March 2018

Strike Fast ECW Campaign - Week 6

Having secured Edinburgh in the last battle, the English now set their sights on the Covenanter stronghold of Stirling. For this battle the Scots were allowed some fortifications and opted for a fortified manor house as the centrepiece of their defences.

Manor house
Some emergency surgery

The Scottish opted to base their defence on the fortified manor house, packing 6 regiments into the house and outbuildings. They massed their cavalry on the left with a small detachment on the right.
Scottish centre

Crowded conditions!

Scots left
The English adopted a similar plan, massing all their horse on the right for a large attack and placing some in the centre in the hopes of pinning the defenders in the hard cover. This though meant their left had no Horse to oppose the small Scottish force their.
English left

English centre

English horse in the centre

Massed attack on the English right
The game opened with the English right pressing ahead with its main assault on the enemy. Seeing themselves out numbered the Scottish Horse wheeled out of line and began to move behind the manor house, seeking to avoid being routed but leaving the infantry on that flank somewhat to their own devices. Thusly exposed they were forced into pike stand while the accompanying English foot advanced on their closely-packed formations.
English cavalry routs the Highlanders on the left

Scots put to flight

More centrally it was more tit-for-tat with the English Horse stationed their catching some Covenanters in line, but the Highlanders countering by beating-back English foot. The English foot on the far left found themselves pinned-down but the small Scottish cavalry forced their, preventing them from supporting the centre.

A classic dog-leg forms 

Highlanders push back the English foot

So it became a game of two sides. On their right the English swept the Scots away and began to threaten the flanks of the main line. On their right the Scots enjoyed similar success with the English pinned in pike stands and the Highlanders making good progress.

Scots flank is turned

English centre begins to crumble

With darkness falling it was clear that neither side would be able to force a victory and so a draw was declared, leaving the Scots in possession of Stirling. 

Doctor in the house

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