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Thursday 15 March 2018

Strike Fast ECW Campaign - week 5

In the last battle Cromwell was thwarted in his attempts to rout the Scottish army blocking his advance towards Edinburgh. So Cromwell sort to out manoeuvre them but found himself blocked again. So it was we undertook the second battle in the Lothian region.

The terrain for this battle was very open. The English had a few low hills within their deployment zone whilst the Scots position was anchored by two small farms. The Scots mingled their cavalry with infantry across the line whilst the English massed theirs on the left with support from the NMA foot. The plans were set with the Scots largely deployed for a defensive action with a few spoiling attacks. The English opted for a major push of their left and delaying action on the right.        
Field from the English left

Field from the English right

The main English attack

English right ready for a delaying action - its commander in relaxed mood
On the English right the Scots decided to launch an immediate attack seeing they out numbered their opponents. Their quick advance caught some English dragoons by surprise and quickly routed them.

English right under pressure
On their left the English launched an attack of their own which quickly drove the Scots cavalry and infantry guarding the flank from the field and opened the way for the NMA foot to advance towards the Highlanders forming the front rank.

Cromwell's horse push the enemy back

NMA foot press the advantage

NMA foot bearing down on their foes

In previous battles the Highlanders have proved deadly but a series of coordinated cavalry attacks and infantry volleys sent them reeling backwards from the advancing English foot. Meanwhile over on the right the outnumbered English proved more resilient than expected as they held-up the Scots attack.

Scots in trouble

English right holding on 

English right under much pressure but holding its own

In a couple of decisive turns the English of the left were able to put much of the Scots opposing them to flight and threaten the raw troops forming the second line.  

Highlanders put to flight

Scots main defensive position on their right falls

With the light beginning to fade the English were 11-3 ahead on routed units and so were able to claim the victory. The post game analysis was that is was actually rather closer than the 11-3 margin suggests but the English had been able to develop their attack much more rapidly that the Scots and so would reach the 13 routers required for outright victory before the Scots could get to 10.  

NMA advance from the Scots view point

The Scots attack 

Royalists last stand

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