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Sunday 5 November 2017

Medieval Arabs completed - Abbasid / Seljuk / Arabian Nights

After just over 2 years painting I've finally completed my long-held dream of producing a medieval Arab army. It started life as a small force for use in Lion Rampant but has been expanded over the last year to a larger army for use in Armati and Kings of War.

I've painted lots of options so should be able to cover Abassid, Seljuk Turks, Fatamid, or Saladin's Saracens.  Most of the figures are Gripping Beast.

The whole army

Left flank


Right flank

In Armati terms the total force comprises
  • Heavy Cavalry x 5
  • Light Cavalry x 7
  • Dismounted Cavalry x 1
  • Foot x 5
  • Skirmishers x 3
  • Light Infantry x 5 (3 bow and 2 javelins)

The light cavalry - mixture of Turcoman, Arabs, and Seljuk

Arab javelin armed lights

The heavy cavalry

Close-up of the heavies

Bow-armed skirmishers

Light infantry with bows

Low quality Arab foot 

Javelin-armed light infantry

Some more lights

Black Guards

Dismounted cavlary

Sword armed foot - often berserkers in KOW battles

Saladin the knight of Islam

A better view of the flag

Sub commander
For about the last 6 months I've also been looking at options to make this a Kings of War army themed along the Arabian nights by the addition of flying carpets, heroes, and an air elemental.
The fantasy elements 

The flying carpets

Flying wizard

Genie in a bottle

Air elemental

So now the next project is to paint a force of Crusaders to oppose them. I'm going for the first Crusade as this should give an army reusable as Normans or early medieval Europe.


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