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Friday 24 November 2017

Forward, Victory is near - WWII campaign, week 5 battle 1

With the Russians breaking-through in turn 4 we now enter the last round of regular battles for this mini-campaign. We see the Germans still hung-up on the start-line attacking the river crossing for a 4th time. As the attacker they received +4 points of reinforcements which they spent on 2 infantry squads, a StuG III, and a medium mortar. The Russians opted for 2 * AT guns, improvised AT weapons for 3 squads and a some scouts. Overall a decent advantage for the Germans given their Veteran status.
Table from the Russian left

Table from the Russian right 

The Russians retained their tried and trusted defence of clustering infantry near the victory markers and keeping the AT guns off table until the tanks appeared. The Scouts were placed forward in wood hoping to rely on their Veteran status and good use of cover hold-up the Germans
Russians on the left flank

Russian right flank

Scouts guard the centre
The Germans deployed across the board as they have done on several occasions, with attacks in the centre and on both flanks. This time the attacks were in greater force though due to the additional infantry reinforcements taken.

Germans deploy in the centre

German heavy weapons support an advance on the left
Sensing they were outnumbered the Russians laid-low as the Germans pushed forward across the river on left, right, and centre. With the game half way through loses were minimal on both sides as both manoeuvred for advantage.
Splish splash


The appearance of the STuG prompted the Russians to deploy their AT guns in the centre in a good position to cover the key approach routes for the assault gun. This caused caution in the STuG's crew who tried to lurk out of sight behind a wood and snipe away at long range. Safe, but of limited impact on the battle.
The AT guns deploy and send the STuG into hiding 

A classic camo tie 
As the end of the game approached the Germans launched a series of assaults with covering fire from their weapons teams and mortars. Accurate fire mauled the Russians in the centre forcing them to redeploy troops from their right to cover the gaps and secure the AT guns.

German forces build-up on the Russian right

Germans entre the wood - a standoff with the Scouts

Soviets holding the centre are blown-away

Russians redeploy to guard the guns
On the Russian left the assault quickly bogged down under heavy fire from Russian infantry and a maxim gun.  Crucially though this had drawn away precious units from the centre and right.
German attack on the left runs into trouble
On the Russian right the inevitable pressure told and the Germans were able to break through to secure 2 of the 3 victory objectives.

Germans push through the centre to victory
So after 4 tough battles the Germans had finally broken through their start-line and move into the Russian positions. The STuG even survived for once! the secret was likely the more aggressive use of the Germans to outmanoeuvre the Soviets rather than a slow grinding firefight that could not be resolved quickly enough to win.

German armour survives for once

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