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Sunday 18 September 2016

Chain of Command - Eastern Front Campaign


This is a generic "ladder campaign" for Chain of Command that features an attacking force seeking to breakthrough to a strategically important town to relieve allied units trapped there. There is an option for fighting within the town to supplement the main action should there be sufficient players. 

Campaign moves

The main action starts at the "Probe" point with RED attacking. You then follow the flow-chart depending on the battle outcomes fighting battles as you go. The terrain will be different for each battle AFTER the first two.

 If sufficient players are available then you may also fight in the town. This starts with a "Patrol" mission and then proceeds depending who gets the upper hand. The terrain may be the same throughout to depict a strategically vital area of the town. It does not matter if less turns are fought of the town battles than the relief force.


After the game some casualties may recover:
·         All those wounded will recover.
·         50% of those killed are dead.
·         25% of those killed miss 1 game.
·         25% of those killed are available for the next game.

If you feel you are too weak to fight then you may cede victory but the enemy gains +3VP.

Victory Points


Victory Points are earned from each game:
·         Win scenario = +3 VP
·         Each jump-off captured = +1
·         Each whole squad lost = -1
·         Each 10 men lost = -½ (Green troops do not count as they are easily replaced)

 VPs may be spent during the next battle. 1*VP can be used to buy 1*Force Morale or ½*Reinforcement Point. Infantry squads may be bought to replace core losses using the reinforcement cost.

Multiplayer Supplement

Sometimes on club-nights it's easier to run a single large-game, rather than two smaller ones as a better way of keeping everyone involved. So the following additions are used.

1. Most of the battles are fought using the relief column, with 1-in-4 games being the FIBUA.

2. For the relief column:
·         We play with two platoons a-side, using the rules for multiple platoons in the "Large Chain of Command" supplement published on the games website. Essentially you have separate activation dice and morale on an 8" table with an additional patrol marker and jump-off.
·         The Axis forces are Elite and the Soviets are Regular.

3. For the FIBUA games:
·         We play with 2 x 2/3 sized platoons (so 1&1/3 platoons) acting as a single large platoon.
·         Force morale is average and there are 7 shared activation dice
·         You receive a 25% bonus on reinforcements
·         The table is 6"

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