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Wednesday 17 August 2016

Battle of Khota Baru 1941 - a Flames of War game

Bachok Beach.jpg
One of the Japanese landing beaches
Recently Roy hosted a game of Flames of War for the club, with the game based on the Japanese seaborne invasion at Khota Baru in Malaya. This was one of the first actions of the campaign and historically ended in a Japanese victory after some fierce fighting.   

The Scenario

The historic battle was a large affair so it was refought as a scaled-down action. The Japanese were required to capture one of two objectives near the vital  railway-line.

The Battle

The British defensive line with the gaps between the dense jungle covered by bared-wire. The Brits defended forward and shot down most of the Japanese force on the beach. On both flanks the Japanese eventually occupied terrain, but it was an expensive advance and the British line was only just turned.
British defensive lines

Japanese advance into cover

The Japanese light tanks break through to the coast road , turning the British first line, but with their infantry spent there is little likelihood of the tanks reaching the railway and the objectives.

Japanese armour advances, but alas in vein
The British commander chose to deploy a platoon of 40mm AA, keeping his Lanchester armoured. cars and two sections of Bren carriers in reserve . With a gun line of eight 25 pdrs and more platoons to come the Japanese did not have enough to support their toy tanks.

British artillery and AA
So history was reversed with the British scoring a notable victory. Post-match analysis was that the Japanese attacked too piece-meal and lacked the decisive punch to overcome the British defences.

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