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Monday 18 September 2023

WWII Rapid Fire Reloaded - practice game 3.

We managed three games this week, all armoured infantry or infantry battle groups. One game was an encounter and in the other two each side had an objective to hold while  trying to capture the enemy's.  We also played smoke for the first time, which seems pretty balanced. Most of the shots I have this week are from the US vs German game. 

US vs Germans

On my table the US moved first and the layout of the road meant they were able to grab the village early, They dug in and proved difficult to shift.  

US grab the village

Germans build up pressure on the village

The US also grabbed the hill but were blasted from it by the German armour. The Germans left it too late though and were unable to grab the hill back before the end of the game. So a 1-0 win to the US.

The other table I have shots of saw the British attack the Germans. The Brits used the Churchill's for the first time, which proved robust in the face on enemy fire. Smoke was used to good effect the mask the British attack.    

Brits go in with the bayonet


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