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Wednesday 20 September 2023

WWII Rapid Fire Reloaded - final practise game

With the last of the regular players now having had a chance to try to rules I tried something to help me with the campaign writing. We did three attack vs defence games of varying sizes. On the main tables we did 200 points vs 300 points with the attackers taking a tank company and artillery battery. On the smaller table we did 150 points vs 200 points with the attackers taking a additional artillery battery.

The scenario was identical for all three with the  attacker needing to capture two objectives. In the case of a tie the person killing the most would be the winner. The Germans defended on two tables and attacked on the third. I played the US attacking on one of the tables. 

On my table I executed a swift flanking attack against of the objectives and we able to capture it. I made good use of the plentiful US machine guns and artillery to destroy a good amount of German infantry to win on points.    

All three games seemed pretty balanced and we got a result on all of them within the nights play. yo balance things a bit of the defender we'll allow some "blinds" next time for a bit of hidden deployment. 


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