Tally Ho!

Sunday 5 March 2023

Leipzig - warm-up part 1

We're moving to our next project which is Leipzig using The Shadow of the Eagles (SOTE) by local gamer Keith Flint. So this the first of two warm-up games to remind everyone of the rules. 

Very much a thrash so limited tactical discussion and everyone just pushing forward. We fielded 5 infantry and 3 cavalry brigade a side. 

Quite a few people brought figures along so a good selection of troops on display. 

Russian infantry brigade



On one side we deployed most of the mounted to remind  ourselves how it all works

French and German cavalry 

Swedish Horse

Germans attack a village

Swedes assault the other village 

Russians recapture a village from the French

All-in-all a good run-out for the rules and a chance to knock the rust off our bayonets.


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  1. Looking good Stu! I'm very pleased to be involved in this.