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Sunday 19 March 2023

Leipzig - final warm-up

 With a few players away this week we decided not to start the campaign proper but instead to play a game at about 2/3 the planned size. A village and a hill on the centre line provided the objectives for both sides to attack. It was Germans and French vs Russians and Prussians.  All 4 players fielded 2 infantry and 1 cavalry brigade each. 

French infantry near the village

Russian horse with infantry support

The Russians and Frenched squared off on one side of the village contesting some fields in the east of the table. The Germans faced the Prussians with both fighting over half the village and the hill in the west.

The Germans crested the rise with most of their troops, clearly looking to attack the village from the flanks. They were met by the Prussian cavalry who managed to catch one unit while forming square and pursue them into another. Although eventually vanquish the Prussian horse tied-down most of the German division for the game.  
Germans crest the rise

Prussians are waiting for them

The Russians advanced quickly towards the waiting French and there was a clash of heavies which sent the French reeling back. This allowed time for the Russians to assault the village and quickly claim an objective.   

Clash of heavies

With the Germans distracted, the Prussians claimed the other half of the village with the bulk of their infantry. The Russians then pushed further into the French backfield routing a couple more units.  

Prussians capture half of the village

Russians assault the French

The game ended with the Russians / Prussians in control of the whole village (2 objectives) and the Germans holding the hill (1 objective). So a win for the Coalition forces on this occasion. 

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