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Tuesday 26 June 2018

ACW Campaign - Week 3

For our second battle of 1862 we had an attack vs defence scenario. The slightly outnumbered Confederates were dug-in behind an embankment, with the Union forces seeking to oust them from their position.

The Rebs had to hold at least 10 bases off table as reinforcements until turn 7, so opted for a 6 stand infantry regiment and an 4 stand cavalry regiment. Their deployment was a simple one - they lined the cover and interspersed guns across the front.

Reb left

Reb centre

Reb right

Faced with a solid defence the Union decided to assault the flanks with infantry attacks made through cover and place a grand battery in the centre to bombard the Confederate lines.

Union left

Union right

As planned the Union flank attacks moved out smartly in columns of march to close the ground before the Rebs reinforcements arrived to strengthen the defences. A withering bombardment quickly destroyed half the Union artillery as they attempted to manoeuvre into the firing line - so much for the grand battery!  

Nice little stroll

Very pretty

In an attempt to disrupt the Unions attack, the Rebs pushed troops forwards from the relative safety of the embankment and into some rough ground.  This led to them being charged by three units of Eager Union troops and rapidly pushed back into the defences for the loss of the gun.      

The Rebs form a salient

Union attack goes in

Rebs pushed back

As the Rebs stood-to in their defences the Union flank attacks developed with units infiltrating forwards and opening up a lively musket fire on their serried grey-clad ranks. On the Union right this was enough to weaken the Zouaves opponents and allow them sweep gloriously across the embankment to secure a foothold.

All quiet on the southern front

Union right

NY Zouaves attack

The Reb right under threat

Despite the Union penetrating the defences on both flanks the losses incurred had pushed them close to the army breakpoint. This was the point when shortage of command cars for the Rebs bit hard - although the Union was close to breaking the Rebs opted to skip a round of shooting in order to move some badly needed reinforcements into the line.

Zouaves face-off

Tally ho

This decision gave the Union a chance they had not expected - some solid shooting and a lucky roll meaning the Rebs reached the army breakpoint just ahead of the Union.

Rebs hanging on

Reb cavalry makes ready but all a bit late

So a slightly unexpected Union win and the first for an attacker. Previous form was restored in the  post-battle phase though with the Federal forces again suffering heavily with the pox and receiving little by way of replacements. With both sides below the minimum force size, they each received a unit of Cautious Recruits to bring them up to compliment.  

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