Tally Ho!

Friday 26 January 2018

Strike Fast ECW Campaign - second practise game

For our final warm-up game before the campaign proper, we used the other force available to the Scots - the Covenanter army. This only had 3 units of Highlanders but had additional artillery and 40% more infantry overall than the Royalist army. As agreed after the last game, the Highlanders would be allowed to fire volleys but would have its combat bonus reduced to +1/2.

In this scenario both sides deployed on a low ridge with a farm in the centre and a series of enclosures on one flank the other main features. Both sides divided their Horse equally between the two wings but the Scots broke-up one of their foot units to provide commanded muskets in support of 2 Horse squadrons.

Long view of the game from Cromwell's left flank

Scots lancers ready to attack

Covenanter centre

More Scots Horse on their right

Cromwell's centre firmly camped on the ridge

Parliamentary Horse on their left

Cromwell's veteran troopers on the right
On this occasion Cromwell decided to hold in the centre in the hopes of drawing the Scots to him and away from their superior artillery. They duly obliged with a general advance across the line.

Highlanders leading the attack

Covenanter troops push through the fields
On Cromwell's right his Horse clashed with the Scots cavalry and despite the presence of the commanded shot made decent headway against them, pressing them back towards their baseline before routing them completely.

Mounted clash goes for Cromwell 
In the centre the Covenanter forces drew closer to the English lines and commenced a short, sharp, fire action before charging up the hill.  This combat favoured the English though as they were Veterans, uphill and able to fire into the advancing Scots. The first wave was thrown back in confusion.
English thin read line

Highlanders attack

and bounce off!
A second attack by the Covenanter pike and shot met a similar fate, with the attack stalling at the base of the ridge.
A hard slog up hill

View from the Scots right
By now the English horse had won one both flanks and was able to threaten the rear of the Scottish position. With 50% of the Scots routed the game went to Cromwell.

Ironsides finally overcome the lancers


  1. Nice looking game - are the rules more or less finished now?

  2. I would say so yes - we've tweaked highlanders slightly and clarified some things on interpenetration so now at V1.2. Do you want a copy to post on your site? Should be fine for 20mm BTW without any modification I would say

  3. Hi Stuart - yes send it and I'll do that!