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Tuesday 2 January 2024

New Years Day game - Hearts and Minds for Firefight

For New Years Day I was back in Fishponds playing Firefight, with Enforcers vs Forge Fathers. In this scenario there are 6 buildings on the table sheltering civilians who must be wooed to score points each turn. Knowing the Forge Fathers reputation for survivability I came loaded-for-bear with lots of AT weapons and my new Novashock Peacekeepers with their AT option. 

I pushed forward across the line trying to secure the three buildings on my side and make some progress towards the buildings on the enemy side. The Forgefathers kept about half their force back looking to inflict some long-range damage whilst committing some troops to secure the buildings. 

Novashock troopers advance

Enforcer Strider supporting the attack on the right

The FF's secured all three of their buildings in turn 1 but I only secured two of mine. The third refused to be persuaded and it took 12 roles (50/50 chance) across three rounds before it finally came on board.  
The Iron Ancestor - big for a dwarf!

Forgefathers Sturnhammer tank

After 2 turns the FF heavy armour was neutralised by the Novashocks, a Strider and some infantry missile launchers chipping-in. 

We then got down to some close quarter shooting and fighting around the central set of buildings with the FFs also struggling on a couple of rolls. Somehow this left me 2 points up going into the final round. 

I took some heavy hits and was effectively wiped-out on my right flank, but just had a large enough lead to win by 2 points. A close game and certainly one where you can be unlucky on a few buildings and find yourself behind.     

Novashock trooper holds his ground

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