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Tuesday 19 December 2023

December round up

 With the completion of the current WWII campaign we've been trying out various rules needed for future games. As preparation for the D Day campaign we tested the beach assault and aircraft rules in Rapid Fire Reloaded. 

15mm D Day for Rapid Fire Reloaded

Beach assaults are good fun and a rare chance to deploy all that kit you bought but hardly ever use. Things seem balanced with the only tweak being that games will need to have slightly more turns as move rates are slowed on the sand.  

As expected aircraft are pretty underwhelming, with on average one successful strike every 3 - 4 turns being what you'd expect. The attacks are also fairly weak. So either we beef them up with some sort of morale effect or make them very cheap as you can get decent AA for 10 - 20 points. 

We also reminded ourselves of Tercio, the Spanish set of ECW/TYW rules we plan to use for the Christmas game. The central mechanic is the issuing of orders cards to each unit that have both an action and reaction option. Guessing what your opponent may do and trying to issue the right orders is the game-within-a-game for what is otherwise quite simple rules. 

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