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Saturday 18 February 2023

Gettysburg - Roundtops week 2

At the end of last week's game Little Roundtop was under threat, the Confederates were pushing forward in the centre and the Wheatfield was firmly in Union hands. 

The Confederates attacked around Little Roundtop with heavy fire quickly weakening the troops on this exposed position. Meanwhile attacks continued in Devils Den and the ridge. The Union's first set of reinforcements launched several charges which pushed the Rebs back but led to heavy losses in the next round from shooting. 

Little Roundtop falls

Eventually Little Roundtop was taken and the Rebs wrested control of the ridge, giving them 3 objectives. Both sides received some additional reverses which both directed against the ridge. 

In the last couple of turns both sides made late attempts to contest  some of the objectives. The Union were able to contest the east side of the ridge and the Confederates the Wheatfield. So a final score of 2-0 to the Confederates.    

Wheatfield contested


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